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Nylon 3-Strand Twisted Rope

The Three Stand Twisted Rope is made from Nylon which is the strongest material of all ropes in common use. The Nylon Three Strand Twisted Rope has a slight stretch to provide shock absorption. Nylon Three Strand Twisted Rope has a lifetime 10 times greater than manila rope and 5 times greater than polypropylene rope. The Nylon is rot, mildew, and chemical resistant. Commonly used as dock lines.

3-Strand Twisted

Diameter Working Load Limit Length As LOW as:  
3/8" 640 lbs 335' $41.36
1/2" 1,120 lbs 335' $69.21
1" 4,075 lbs 600' $608.50
1-1/4" 5,025 lbs 600' $985.35