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We offer three different grades of chain, Grade 30 (Proof Coil), Grade 70 (Transport/Binder Chain), and Grade 80 (Alloy). Each grade of chain has different qualities and classifications that serve a unique purpose.

Grade 30 Chain, also as Proof Coil, is a general purpose chain constructed from low carbon steel. Grade 30 Chain is commonly used as a tie down, tow chain, or binding chain where high strength is not important. Grade 30 Chain is available in Hot Dipped Galvanized or Plain finish. The Hot Dipped Galvanized finish will provide some corrosion resistance. Grade 30 Chain should not be used for overhead lifting.

Grade 70 Chain, also known as Transport Chain and Binder Chain, is commonly used for towing and to tie down loads where high strength is required. Grade 70 Chain is constructed from heat treated carbon steel with a yellow zinc finish. Grade 70 Chain should not be used for overhead lifting.

Grade 80 Chain, also known as Alloy Chain, is constructed from a high strength steel alloy with a plain finish. Grade 80 Chain is the most commonly used chain for overhead lifting and rigging. Grade 80 Chain is used where high strength is required.